Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Love to be Wined & Dined. (My Top 10 Local Restaurants)

We took a little trip to Palisades Restaurant earlier today for Brunch. This is my 3rd favorite restaurant for dinner and my number one choice for brunch.

Palisades is located on Elliot Bay in Seattle and the food is Northwest Polynesian. For Brunch they serve every entree with an all you can eat buffet. The buffet has fresh fruit, several salads, smoked salmon w/ bagels and cream cheese (capers, egg and red onion to top it off). They have an oyster bar and shrimp on ice and they serve pastries and hot fudge sauce with strawberries, macadamia nut pancakes with rum maple syrup...I could go on and on...but I think I have covered everything. The food is to die for.

We each ordered a rib eye and eggs for our entree and asked to have it boxed to go. This sounds incredibly uncultured, but we really wanted to enjoy the buffet and it is more cost effective to order an entree with buffet, than to order just the buffet. (It can't be completely tacky, since our waiter was the one who suggested it!)

My other favorite Seattle restaurants (or at least those that come immediately to mind):

1) The Herb Farm. (Woodinville, WA)

This is the restaurant in the history of restaurants. Expensive..expensive...expensive. But oh so worth every dime. 9 courses of a menu tailored to what is in season and paired brilliantly with libations. We went here for my 40th birthday and I fear I will never be wined and dined so well again. You can read about my experience here

2) Tulalip Bay (Tulalip, WA)
Little known gem. Fine Dining restaurant in the Tulalip Casino. Food is fabulous and atmosphere is very romantic.

3) Palisades (Seattle, WA)

Best Brunch. Great for dinner too.

4) Teatro Zinzanni (Seattle, WA)
Food is created by Tom Douglas. Menu and show are must do this at least once if you live in Seattle. A great evening out

5) Jak's Steakhouse (Issaquah, WA)

This place takes no reservations- so have to get there when they open. Best steaks ever.

6) The Triple Door (Seattle, WA)

Vegas show seating and food from Wild Ginger (restaurant is located upstairs). This is another dinner and a show venue. The Duck is wonderful and this restaurant serves more of it than anyone else in the northwest.

7) Morton's Steakhouse (Seattle, WA)

More great steak. Located downtown Seattle. They bring the ingredients to your table and provide an overview of their menu.

8) Crab Cracker (Kirkland, WA)

A little more casual setting. Great seafood.

9) Top Wok (Monroe, WA)

This is a local little family owned restaurant that serves the best chinese food we have ever had. Hot and sour soup is primo. The almond chicken is fabulous .

10) The Lobster Shop at Dash Point (Dash Point, WA)

Haven't been here for a while, but chowder is perfect here and the view is also quite nice.


LittleBlueBungalow said...

Thanks for this list. I love to try out new restaurants and your recommendations would be great.

K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

You picked Great places.. I tought you to have good taste. Thats why you are such a great "COOK" marriage has nothing to do with it,.

kisses and cupcakes said...

i am jealous!
what a beautiful place ~
just found your blog - i will be stalking you ; )
you have me drooling....
enjoy your day!
kisses and cupcakes,