Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Love Cheerful Little Spring Flower Sprouts

I walked about the garden this morning and found these little tell-tale signs of spring.
I just love little flower sprouts!

Happily, last fall, I planted this "host" of soon-to-be-smiling yellow daffodils under one of our big fir trees. I am particularly excited about enjoying those this spring. In the chaos of my current schedule of work and school - I had almost forgotten that I had taken the time to plant these. Now there are a multitude of little sprouts appearing and I have this urge to just stand over this patch and offer up nurturing words and encouragement..."grow, grow, little darlings!". I am so very pleased with myself!

Here they are -stretching their little green tips out of the soil...checking to see if it is time to fully show themselves yet....(I hear them saying "Almost! Just be patient- we are working on it!")

The snowdrops are a bolder lot-they clearly have decided that they have had enough of winter and have taken a stand!

It was nice to spend some time in the garden this morning!

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