Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am all out of LOVE...NOT

Well, I think I have done a pretty good job of upholding my February "Love" theme. Here is one last hurrah, and a little challenge for you at the bottom to share the things you love! Years ago, I started a joy list. A Joy list is a list of all the things that make you happy and it serves as a great reference when you have had a really bad day.

Here is a list of 100 things I love (yes, some of them are repeats from other posts this month):

1) My husband
2) My son
3) My family
4) My friends
5) Warm Rain Showers
6) Summer afternoons
7) Food blogs
8) Cookies and Milk
9) Conversations with little children
10) Fran's Macadamia Nut Gold bars
11) The Herb Farm in Woodinville
12) Traveling to new places
13) Swimming
14) Evenings on the back deck with the chiminea, wine and appetizers with Simon
15) Date night
16) The Biggest Loser
17) Lost
18) Finishing something big
19) Puppies
20) Bunco with the girlfriends
21) Browsing antique shops and thrift shops and yard sales
22) Winning my bid on eBay
23) Shopping for foster kids at Christmas
24) Big family get-togethers
25) Sitting up late and reminiscing about the past
26) The Ocean
27) Wine tasting
28) Quilting -especially shopping for fabric
29) Cookbooks
30) Old recipe boxes filled with recipes
31) Growing fruit and vegetables
32) Fresh off the vine tomatos
33) Fresh off the stalk corn
34) Clean organized drawers and cupboards
35) Cooking and Baking
36) Sleeping in
37) The town of Langley on Whidbey Island
38) Facebook
39) Chuckanut Drive along the Puget Sound Coastline
40) Victoria, BC
41) Tea Parties
42) Bed & Breakfasts
43) Oysters
44) Brunch at Palisades
45) A night at the casino (including dinner at Tulalip Bay)
46) Stroopwaffles
47) Good quality chocolate
48) Trader Joes
49) Central Market
50) Farmer's markets
51) Arts and Craft shows
52) Babies
53) Garden shops
54) William Sonoma
55) Eminence Organic skincare products
56) John Masters organics Hair products
57) The "Have Your Cake and Eat it too" spa package at the Bee Hive in Snohomish
58) Hostessing
59) Creative Writing
60) Spaghetti and meatballs
61) Kathy Casey, Martha Stewart and Delia Smith
62) My laptop
63) My home office
64) Smoked salmon
65) New Belgian brews
66) Duran Duran
67) Shooting Star Hydrangea
68) Paris
69) Harod's Dept Store food courts
70) Salt Caramels
71) A good steak
72) Novels by Phillipa Gregory
73) Apple trees
74) Hammocks
75) SeaCliff Cottage on Whidbey
76) Ferry rides
77) Train rides
78) Camping and hiking
79) The first snowfall of the year
80) Kathy Casey's Hot Almond Buttered Rum
81) Martha's Chicken Pot Pie
82) Homemade mac and cheese
83) Hanging flower baskets
84) The sound of running water and rain chains
85) Birds at my bird feeders
86) Baseball games
87) Munro shoes
88) Almond soap
89) When my husband makes me coffee
90) Disney
91) Roald Dahl
92) Gift baskets
93) Leavenworth at Christmas
94) Good quality bedding - down comforters, feather bed, high thread count sheets
95) Denby pottery
96) Proper chips (Simon's homemade french fries)
97) Geocaching
98) Picnics
99) A nice, hot bubblebath
100) Putting together these lists!

Whew! Okay - for those of you who made it to the it is your turn.

I am challenging you to blog about 100 things you love. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can check you out your list (100 should be your goal).