Monday, March 2, 2009

March is all about ......Spring

Springtime makes me wish I could paint....and that I had a little more time to hang out outside.
My March theme is SPRING. (It officially begins 18 days from today)
A few things that I am looking forward to this month:
  • I joined the "Daring Bakers" this month, and when they found out I was joining, they were so excited that they went and started a whole new daring division called the "Daring Cooks"! (okay, it might have been a mere coincidence..but what are the odds?). The Daring Bakers/Daring Cooks are a group of foodie bloggers who attempt a specific challenging recipe each month and then post the results on their blogs. I have received this months Bakers challenge, and I am thinking it is quite "daring" , but I cannot reveal it until a specific day this you will have to sit back and just wait and see. The Cook's challenge has not yet been announced. (I am waiting patiently)

  • Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday March 8. My dear grandma Muriel used to curse changing the clocks back and forth twice a year- I always think of her when I spring forward and fall back (or was it spring back and fall forward....better look that up.) Let me be the first to remind you to replace your smoke alarm batteries! (Add them to your grocery list right now!)

  • St Patrick's Day is March 17th. My friend Katie Jean has turned me on to Corned Beef. I could never tolerate it because it was always so salty. Apparently it doesn't have to be that way if you cook it long enough. Looking forward to making some soda bread, and carrot cake with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting.

  • Spring Begins on March 20. Haven't decided what we will do to celebrate, but my spring break will be in full swing at that point so the possibilities are much greater than they would be if I were in school.

  • On March 26, my big brother and his wife arrive from Denver, Co. I am most excited because I will finally be meeting my nephew, Charlie. I am eager to have a baby in the house!

  • On March 31 my grandma Elaine will be turning 80. We are having a surprise party for her on the 28th. At least one of her three older sisters is planning to attend. (We have some kick ass genes on that side of the family indeed)


K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

I like the new look Nance, Spring is Coming..... but not here yet..

Carol............. said...

I love the flower picture!