Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Forward

Just a quick blog entry before heading to bed. On Sunday we will be Springing Forward which unfortunately means that the weekend will be one hour shorter than it usually is.

I am not at all happy about this because, quite frankly, there were already not enough hours in the day and I do feel like I need every hour I can get my hands on these next two weeks (especially my weekend hours!) as I attempt to finish my second to last quarter of school and to manage my projects at work. I am busy with a capital B...and a little tired too- trying not to get sick.

My wonderful husband has been mancleaning and chauffering and cooking and even took my son out tonight to practice parallel parking. If I had that extra hour, I most certainly would spend it on them.

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Diana said...

Thanks for the reminder about spring forward, I truly forgot. I also noticed that Kathy Casey, the chief from Seattle was looking at your blog. Good luck with all your endevors,it'll pay off in the long run.