Monday, February 16, 2009

I Love these Smelly Things...

I think I may be a Pioneer Noseshaping Specialist in my own right. However, I care less about the appearance of the nose than I do about what shape it is in....specifically, can it smell stuff?

One of my favorite "noseshaping" exercises is wine sniffing. Pour some wine, swirl it about in the glass and then put your nose to it. What does it smell like? Vanilla? Cherry? Chocolate? Oak? I always like to guess, and then I check the bottle-usually it tells you right on the label what little delicacies have been added. Sometimes I hit it right on, and sometimes I have to take another sniff before I get it (and another taste) (or two). At any rate I look very sophisticated when I do this and everyone who sees me do this certainly must think I know a lot more about wine than I actually do.

In honor of the month of love I have decided to share the "top 10 smells I love"....(the first one is the only one that is in any particular order, really...)

1) Simon Cook

That would be my husband. He has several colognes (or "smellies" as they say in England-or at least this Englishman says that), but my favorite is Old Spice. I know, I know what you are thinking-not very sophisticated. But that smell really comforts me...I can't help it.

2) Fresh baked mincemeat

Apples, spice, nuts, citrus, brandy all simmering in a baking dish. This is the best Christmas time smell...I'll take mine with a dollop of brandy butter too!

3) Hot Fudge

Yes, this requires no explanation. I just love chocolate. I love chocolate fondue, hot chocolate, chocolate lava cakes, chocolate fountains, warm chocolate pudding....(**heavy sigh)

4) Vanilla & Almond

These are great cooking smells- from cookies to cake- vanilla or almond smell and taste great. I also prefer vanilla scented candles (Learned that from me mum.) and almond scented liquid soap. I have a (peculiar?) theory that you tell the quality of a particular establishment by the scent of the soap in the restroom - almond soap always gets an A++ rating from me. (L'Occitane used to carry a liquid almond soap, but I hear it has been discontinued...anyone know a good almond liquid soap I might like?)

5) Lilacs on a Hot day

Don't experience this much in Seattle, but on the other side of the mountains where I was raised it does get quite warm in the summer and the lilacs perfume the air.

6) Lavendar

When I was pregnant with my son (yikes- over 18 years ago!) this was my one luxury - lavendar bubble bath from crabtree & evelyn....the scent of lavendar is very relaxing. Jake was a mellow baby - I wonder if there is connection there.

7) Pumpkin Spice

Another very homey scent. I read an article a while back that touted pumpkin spice as a scent the triggered good feelings and attraction in men...might be something to dab on if you are single. The same article said that men find the smell of licorice a bit of a turn off. (that might be useful information too)

8) Roses

What woman doesn't find that smell lovely. I have some pretty yellow roses that smell like roses with a hint of vanilla. (The deer love them, too). I plan to try these soon in baking. I have never tried rose water, but I keep finding recipes that tempt me.

9) That Clean Baby Smell

Emphasize "clean"....I just love the smell of a freshly bathed baby.

10) The earthy smell after a rain shower

Basically, that wet dirt smell, but I believe that fresh, clean air is an important part of that particular scent as well!

Leave me a post and tell me...what is your #1 favorite smell?????


Carol............. said...

You're gonna laugh but it's got to be
my horse, Joker...and Summer and Toosie! And I absolutely will not admit to dry horse manure and hay!


Jen said...

I'm with you on the smell of the hubby! Right now mine is wearing Chrome, one of my favorites. But I also really like vanilla dna lilac. I had a candle that had that REAL lilac smell once, but alas, it is long gone, and I can't find another one as good.

knits plenty said...

Because I live in Eastern Wash. we very seldom have rain, but when we do I love the smell of the wet pine and sage, it smells like that on very hot days too. My second smell I love is cardamom. Well that was fun, I wish we had smell-a-computer. Diana