Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, this is my last week of being 30-something...

We started off my last week as a 30-something with a bang yesterday. Simon took me to the Herb Farm in Woodinville for the most amazing dining experience I have ever experienced. I am serious when I say that I cried tears of joy at least 8 times before dessert!

The Herb Farm uses only seasonal PNW ingredients in their menu- they churn their own butter and make their own cheese. Their wine cellar has over 25,000 bottles, which represent 4,252 different wines. With a glass paired to each course, I have to say that I was quite intoxicated by the evening's end. We threw in a flight of Ports from Portugal- so for my 40th birthday I got to taste savor a wonderful 40 year old was very decadent.

My favorite courses were the fish course which was a tuna tartare with a sprinkling of fennel and a tuna presse which was thin sliced tuna pressed with black truffles. The Cheese & Coutcherie course with a fromage blanc in crout with chorizo and warm borscht. A fabulous dish of Oregon Bleu Cheese ice cream with curried apple and spiced nuts and of course, the dessert courses which were heavenly! Milk jam (like a custard), Chocolate mousse, Pumpkin Fritelle with chestnut honey, Warm nutmeg chocolate pudding and cinnamon truffles.

I am never going to forget last night! It was just spectacularl.

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