Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eyes on the "Sky"

The "Sky" is the Skykomish river that runs behind our home. It is expected to flood today and tomorrow. Flood stage is 15 feet...they are predicting 22 feet.

This happened in 2006 just after we added new retaining walls and the water came right up to the bottom stairs. That was almost 24 feet.

We are not expecting to be washed out of our home- our waterfront property will just be a little closer to the water- but leaving and returning to home might be a bit difficult with the road closures.

The pictures above are of the flooding from 2006. The one on the left looks like the river did this morning. I anticipate that we will see pictures similar to the one on the right by tomorrow.
When the weather is blustery and rainy like this I just like to be home with fuzzy socks on my feet, a cup of hot cocoa and a Martha Stewart magazine. (Unfortunately, I am at work...and I have to go to school tonight!)

Thank God I have this blog so I can at least dream out loud about what I would do if I was home!

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