Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with the old...

Today is the last day of 2008. Time to reflect on the bad, the good and the beautiful (notice that little "half full" twist on words there).
The bad:

The worst thing that happened in 2008 is that my father in law passed away in August from aggresive small cell lung cancer. It knocked him down so rapidly that we barely had time to process what was happening and, honestly, it is still hard to believe he is no longer with us. Robert was diagnosed in late June and battled for 6 weeks. He was 65 years old and was hardly sick a day in his life. He is greatly missed. For Christmas, we made his famous sherry trifle -It was good to remember him, but I am afraid that we will never be able to duplicate his fabulous recipe.
The Good:
I started my MBA at Uof W in January of this year (6 months to go!). Fulfilling two dreams in one- to go to grad school and to attend Uof W. So far so good.
Jake just got accepted into Western Washington University for Fall 2009. I am extremely proud of him- he totally took the initiative on applying and researching this school. He plans to study math and communication.
I turned 40 on November 29. Won't call it "bad" and can't call it "beautiful" I guess it is just "good"

The Beautiful:

We paid off our last debt and are now debt free except for our mortgages (home and rental property). Next step: Build 3-6 months emergency fund.
Dinner at the Herb Farm to celebrate my big 4-0. Wow! Wonderful! I have nothing but good things to say about this experience. Probably the best dining experience I have ever had- flavors, music, ambiance...gorgeous and generous husband to share it with.

Happy New Year everyone!

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