Friday, December 19, 2008

The Calm before the Storm

It is a quiet night tonight. All noise seems to be buffered by the blanket of snow and the icy air. We have had two major storms this week, resulting in a lot of wonderful snow and beautiful scenary. I really love winter, and I really miss having the snow that I grew up with.

Tomorrow another major storm is forecasted. This time hurricane force winds, icy temperatures and more snow. Not sure I like the idea of strong winds, but it will certainly make things interesting. On the flip side I think I could never have enough snow (but ask me again in February when I am waiting for signs of spring!)

Today we headed out to the Seattle Outlets to shop for presents. Our timing was excellent as the place was quite bare- certainly this won't be the case tomorrow.
We went into the casino for lunch. I gave Simon and his mum a $5 bill to play the slots and they turned it into $100. So lunch was on the Tulalip Tribe and the extra cash will cover a nice portion of our Christmas dinner.

We are headed to Central Market early in the morning tomorrow- we want to be there and home before the storm hits. I am making up my Christmas menu tonight and a shopping list. I plan to spend the entire day tomorrow being crafty....I have Christmas presents to finish and decorating to do!

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