Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brownie Points

Today my husband told me- for reasons I will not divulge- that he knows that in the very near future that he is "really going to owe me -big time".

Of course, given the messy circumstances under which his realization has come to light, I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment. The "filthy" truth is he does owe me....and substantially.

I have been thinking about this a bit today-this winfall soon to be deposited in my account at the Bank of the Very Understanding and Patient Spouse- and I am faced with an important dilemmna....

Whatever will I spend these brownie points on?

Do I save these for a rainy day? Do they accrue interest? Do they expire? What can you buy with them? Do I diversify? Immediately liquidate?
Here are a few ideas:
  • Another trip to the Herb Farm would be cool- for Valentine's Day.

  • A "Have your Cake and Eat it too" spa treatment at the Bee Hive Day Spa

  • A Shopping Spree at Nordstroms

  • A weekend at the Whidbey cottage

Earning brownie points sucks, but spending them might be fun!

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