Sunday, December 21, 2008

In "Elf" Mode.

Well, there it is...another weekend done. Two days of work and the holiday begins.

It was a very productive two days. I shifted into "elf" mode on Friday night and managed to accomplish a lot of important pre-holiday tasks. Seems I just need the snowy weather, a little Christmas music and a Hot Buttered Rum and suddenly I am all about Christmas. Jolly as can be!

I made a menu for Christmas Eve dinner and from that I created the mother of all shopping lists. We made our way to Mill Creek to shop at Central Market (the best place to grocery shop for the holidays in my opinion!)

It snowed all weekend, much to my delight. Simon and his mum are tired of it, but I think it is perfect. A multitude of birds have been dropping by for suet and seed. Fat robins, a white headed woodpecker and a whole flock of little birds that we have not yet identified. Most exciting was a trio of doves- I was unaware that doves existed in the pacific northwest- so I need to confirm this. We hung the best feeder just outside the big kitchen picture window- this has provided some perfect bird viewing.

Today I finished making gifts that need to be sent out tomorrow. One big package for my brother and his family in Denver, and one little card for my neice in Wenatchee. I also finished one gift for my stepfather.
The snow has fallen all day - despite the forecast that it would taper off in the afternoon. Everytime Simon and his mum groan about it, I agree with them enthusiastically "Yes, it is just terrible....yea-can you believe it is STILL falling...unbelieveable". Of course they know that I am loving it. What could be better than snow lightly falling as you go to bed at night...and a few little flurries as you listen to Elvis singing Blue Christmas....I, for one, am in the holiday MOOD!

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