Thursday, January 1, 2009

In with the New

We spent the first day of 2009 in Seattle today, shopping and browsing and tonight I am feeling sore from walking and very tired. Got a new pair of Munro's and we found a 3-piece sofa and chairs at Restoration Hardware that we like. We are sticking to a plan this year that does not include furnishing our house, so the furniture will be a bonus if it happens, but as of now there is no plan to buy.

I have two personal resolutions this year. One is to finish grad school and the other is to finally get this extra weight off. I will spend the first half of the year focused on school and the second half focuses on the weight. But as much as possible I will try to make small changes in the food and exercise department to at least get a jump start on the weight loss.

Together, Simon and I will be working on building our emergency fund. We resolve to have 6 months worth of expenses in savings by year's end. We are also focused on replacing our doors and windows this year. I think this will make a nice improvement to our home.

Tomorrow Simon is having surgery on his leg to mend some varicose veins. I am not sure what this will entail, but I can tell that he is a little worried about it. I hope it isn't too painful.

Should be back to work tomorrow, but I am taking it off for Simon. Hoping for a restful weekend. Jake comes home on Sunday!

Happy New Year!

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