Friday, January 30, 2009

Shaken and Stirred this morning.

Shaken: I woke this morning with a jolt. At first I thought my husband had slammed the front door as he left for work, but quickly realized that he had departed for work over a half hour ago!

Stirred: Got up, got some coffee (lovingly prepared by my personal barista before his departure) and made my way out into the world wide web to confirm my suspicion:
A 4.6 quake centered in Poulsbo, about 50 miles from my home in Monroe. The picture above is a shot from the NOAA website showing the location and intensity of the quake.
The NOAA has a fabulous earthquake site where you can view maps of recent activities. you can report your earthquake experience there- if you felt something- and you can learn all about quakes- what one sounds like, where the biggest quakes have occurred, etc...:

You will be surprised to learn that you probably had several small quakes in your state (especially if you are on the West U. S. coast) as recent as a few days ago- they were just so shallow you didn't feel them.
You can also check out the local weather, river levels, tsunami alerts, ocean tides and a plethera of other geological conditions. This is one of my favorite websites.


Carol............. said...

I just hate those things...I'm sure my kids will give me the report on this today...I'm sure Marysville felt this, too! Hope we'll get to meet one of these days...until then I'll check up on you through your blog!!!

knits plenty said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Carols. I live in Eastern Wa. and we too have had a couple of 2. earth quakes.
since you are interested in cooking, I have a friend who has a site that might interest you and it is, Knits plenty Diana

Nancy Cook said...

Thank you, Diana- I vistited the site and will be adding it to my favorites.