Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three wishes...

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1) I WISH that it was Friday night (because that would make tomorrow Saturday)

2) I WISH that Simon hadn't drank all the beer. It seems that ever since he learned that he is about to become half American...well, let's just say that Frogboy has started to adopt some really unsavory, redneck-like behaviors. This is just so uncharacteristic....Drinking a whole case of New Belgian assortment in less than two weeks and leaving NONE for the woman who brought him to this great country. I am just really disappointed... and a little thirsty.

3) I WISH that someone honest and respectable would run for president. I know it is the nature of politics, and perhaps I am a bit naive, but is having someone on the ballot who possesses exceptional character and integrity really too much to ask for? This is very possibly THE most important job in the world. Just once I would like have the option to cast a vote for a candidate who doesn't stoop to mudslinging, pandering, blatant lies and misrepresentation.

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