Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another very important man in my life...

This is Jake. And this is Jake's pizza recipe:

Jacobini Boucherini Sausage Pizzarelli
One Boboli Pizza Crust w/sauce
One tube of ground sausage
Shredded Mozzarella
Grated Parmasean Cheese
An assortment of spices (he would not tell me what these were, specifically, but I think I saw him with a jar of cajun seasoning)

1) Make it into a pizza. = )

(We are definately going to miss this kid when he leaves for college!)

Jake just turned 18 and he is an incredible person. I know this because I have known him for his entire life. In fact...I am actually the reason he has a life.
Sure...go ahead and say it.."No way, how can someone as young as you have a son who is 18????" I know, it seems impossible, but indeed he is mine. I just had him when I was very young.

Jake will be graduating from school in June 2009. The same month that Simon and I will be getting our degrees. Only Jake is getting two accolades in June- both his high school diploma and his Associate degree. (Impressive, eh?)

I am hesitant to tell you what his plans are, because like most 18 year olds, nothing is for certain and it is all just a bit too overwhelming- there are just too many great opportunities to choose from. But it looks now like Jake will be headed to Boise State University to complete his Bachelors degree next fall. His dad and I are just very proud of him. Jake first applied to attend Boise state when he was in the eighth grade. The admissions department called me to get his registration fee and I had to let them know that Jake had jumped the gun a little- that he wouldn't be attending for another 5 years. So unless something has changed between then and now, I feel confident that he will have no trouble getting accepted at BSU...heck, they might even be expecting him!!

Jake is one of those fortunate people who has never really had to work very hard to be successful. School (especially math) comes easy to him, and he is quite talented at playing the bass. Sausage Pizza? He makes it look like child's play. Jake has also had the opportunity to travel a bit. He has been to Mexico, England and France and I have been completely amazed at his comfort level when he has been emersed in these cultures. He picks up languages quickly and he does great impersonations. (Particularly, William Shatner and, now, Obama)

Growing up, Jake's favorite food was grilled cheese sandwiches. He liked to dip them in ketchup. Now I am not completely certain what his favorite food is, although I often find bottles of allsport and sobe in his room, along with candy and cookie wrappers- I think it is safe to say that he likes junkfood.

When asked where Jake would like to go for his birthday he invariably chooses Palisades - which is a very expensive fine dining establishment in Seattle. He has good taste, that kid. He also is quite smitten lately with the $1.25 tacos that are served up on a local taco truck in town.

Jake is another important man in my you will also be hearing a lot about him here.

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