Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mel turns 40!!!!

This has been a particularly busy week...with a brand new birthday (Charlie), a more experienced birthday(mom) and now, a birthday that lands somewhere in between both (however leaning toward the more experienced type- heh,heh) My best girlfriend Melvin turns 40 today!

This is Melinda K. and you are absolutely right- she doesn't look 40 at all.

Melinda and I met our junior year of highschool. We were both teacher's aids for our creative writing/English teacher, Mrs Perry. This means that we have been best friends for over 20 years!

Melinda has been there for me through morning sickness, break ups, and wedding vows and a lot of drama and good times in between.

When I think of Melinda and food, I think of her Lasagna. She makes very good lasagna! I will share her recipe as soon as I can get it from her.

Melinda's comfort food is Ben and Jerry's Banana Split, but I have great memories of racing to McDonald's on our lunch break when we were in highschool and a very interesting discussion about chocolate milkshakes.

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