Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Little Cookbook Addiction

I have a little cookbook problem. An addiction really. I have a library of culinary guides the size of a small bookstore. Hundreds of 'em. And It has gotten a little out of control.

Some of the highlights of my collection:

  • My oldest cookbook is from the late 1800's. It is called "Ice Cream and Cakes" and I picked it up at a yard sale for 50 cents. It is worth about $500 dollars (and I did not know this when I bought it!)
  • The Cookbook I use most: The Joy of Cooking - this is a great reference book for everything from how to cut a pineapple, to a how to make Hollandaise sauce.
  • Most Sentimental: My Grandma VanderHouwen's old Betty Crocker Cookbook. This contains her recipes for Divinity and for Cream Puffs. My sister surprised me with this a few years ago. One of the best gifts I have ever received.
  • My first: The Rodale Cookbook: Very healthy, lots of grains. A graduation present from my mom's sister, Aunt Karen- who makes the best pie crust ever!
  • My latest cookbook: The Plank Grilling Cookbook- picked from the prize room at work. Something new to try.
  • An extension of this collection is my love of old recipe boxes with handwritten recipes. I have about 6 of these that I have picked up on Ebay, in antique stores and at estate sales. There is just something so personal to me about these treasure boxes. I like to believe that these collections were the cherished works of women who loved culinary arts as much as me. My favorite collection comes from the south, with cards dated from the 1930's. There are some really unique cake recipes in that one.
  • And finally, my Martha Stewart Living collection. I am only missing about a dozen of these issues since they debuted. I have a big collection of her books and her FOOD magazines...I like her.

    I am hoping to get the Herb Farm Cookbook next. There are actually two books from the Herb Farm that I would like to add to my collection. (maybe for my birthday, or Christmas..hint, hint.) I will tell you more about the Herb Farm later
    because Simon is taking me there for my birthday next month.

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