Friday, July 10, 2009

Keep It Simple Saturday: Cherries and Chevre

One of the great little blessing that came with our 1955 Brick Bungalow is a Rainier cherry tree.
The tree is heavy with fruit this year- there are more cherries than we can possibly eat- and, apparently, more cherries than the birds can eat as well. We have invited our friends and neighbors over to help themselves.

Rainier cherries are one of the sweetest varieties. They were developed in 1960- a cross between a Bing and a Van. As far as cherries go, these are the elite variety- they can run as much as $5 a pound- so, we feel extremely pleased to have these for free in our back yard.

Kathy Casey of Dish D'Lish** introduced me to the idea of Cherries and Chevre cheese this summer with a posting on facebook for a fabulous little appetizer she calls "Cherry Bings". I had hoped to link you to the recipe, but could not find it, however these are as simple as can be:

Wrap a pitted cherry with chevre and roll in sliced almonds. She used Bings (hence the name), I used my Rainiers

Simple enough.
However, I couldn't help myself once I tasted the combination! I found myself eagerly scooping up teaspoonfulls of lovely chevre and devouring it with a rainier cherry on top (Almonds would have been a nice addition- but I got distracted and didnt think to add that until I had eaten the rest of the chevre). This is one of those wonderful little bites that can be devoured vigorously while standing over the kitchen sink. (I speak from experience here)

I was thinking today that a chevre ice cream might taste good with a topping of sliced cherries. We will definately need to look into that

Do you have any other great "cherry" or "chevre" combos? Let us know!
**Kathy Casey's blog about cherries is located here

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