Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to Bloggin'

Well, it has definately been a very interesting break...a roller coaster ride of events and a whirlwind of emotion. If nothing else happens this year to rock my world, that will be just fine with me!

I will not recap all the sordid details- because it will exhaust you and I really would like to just tie this June up with a bow and have it launched into outer space (or someplace else I will not be tempted to visit).

The aftermath I can share. I am tired. I am also a bit dazed and disoriented. I have completed two dreams of mine (graduate school and attending the UW) and I have this very unsettling sense that I am forgetting to write a paper, take a test, or do my assigned reading. The amount of time I suddenly have on my hands, after almost two years of constant study, is unfathomable.

And oh what has NOT been neglected in those two years? My home, my family, my body, my garden. It feels as though I have gone on "walkabout", visiting far away lands, while the rest of the world just continued on without me. I was here...sort of...half present...

But now I am returned.

I have no immediate goals or objectives, which is a bit uncomfortable for me as I am a highly structured and driven individual. Part of me wants to bake, part of me wants to focus on getting back in good physical shape and another part of me thinks I should just bask in my newest accomplishment for a while - just rest.

At any rate....I have been cooking up a storm (and eating) (and not really exercising much) lately-and I have some great recipes to share with you all. Stay tuned.


david said...
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Chrissy said...

can't wait to see your recipes!.