Friday, April 17, 2009

A Showering of Daffodils!....Well, one Daffodil anyway.

Spring has finally arrived at the Cook home.....

I have been waiting patiently (for weeks, it seems) for my daffodils to "hatch". It seems that every daffodil in the neighborhood has bloomed except for the ones in my yard!

I took time out of my busy school schedule last September to plant about 50 of these lovely heralds of springtime under our big fir tree. We previously had nothing in this patch but a couple of beautiful little hellebores (seen in the background). I am so eager to see the full display! The others seem tempted though, don't they?

My one consolation is that I should have daffodils well after everyone else has moved on to other signs of warm weather! (Oops - Just noticed that weed in the bottom right - better go out and pull that !) Happy Spring!


K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

Yeah that is a BIG WEED.. better call your gardener... They wil be pretty..

Nancy Cook said...

I will send out the teenager instead!

Carol............. said...

Ahhhhh...It looks like something is blooming!!!

Were heading back to Washington in the morning...YES!