Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is All About....Showers

Just learned that it is snowing in parts of the Puget Sound, but today- here in Monroe,-we just have rain. It is not unlike most days in Western Washington, really (or most months, for that matter), so it certainly won't be difficult to come up with material to write about.

The weather outside is still quite cold and it doesn't feel like Spring at all yet , but the flowers are starting to appear. My white magnolia tree is starting to bloom, a few flowering cherry and plum trees in the neighborhood are beginning to show pink and I am still patiently awaiting for the sunny burst of my daffodils- maybe by the end of the week? (**fingers crossed)

Some Upcoming Home Cook N Blog Highlights I have in the works for you for APRIL:

Fresh in the Pacific Northwest this month:

  • Rhubarb should be making an appearance this month as well as asparagus. I will include a recipe for each of these.

Easter is April 12:

  • I will attempt some fabulous little bird cup cakes

A few good rainy day delights:

  • A meal or two to chase away the rainy day blues

Results from APRIL's Daring Baker Challenge:

  • Just learned the details of this month's Daring Baker Challenge...I am sworn to secrecy, but I will reveal the results on April 27 (with all the other Daring Bakers) and not a minute before. If you are interested in participating in some creative culinaria rather than just watching me have all the fun- visit There is now a Daring Cook Challenge as well- but the results of the first Cook's challenge will not be revealed until May.

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Carol............. said...

We'll be home in a few weeks so I hope the Arizona weather will follow us..I'm SO anxious to plant my vegetables... Hope to see you this year!