Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Showers Today...only Sunshine and Rosemary

When the weather man predicted sun for the weekend, I knew it had to be true. It seems that Seattle sunshine always makes an appearance on the days I am stuck indoors in class! Couple the sunshine outside with a really useless lecture on internet research and you can imagine that yesterday was absolute torture!

But, alas, this weekend's sunshine was not limited to Saturday alone. Today we got some decent spring weather as well-the kind of much anticipated spring weather that puts everyone around you in a pleasant mood and makes you want to be outside feeling warm sunshine on your skin.

I had some work to accomplish today- homework and a presentation for work tomorrow- but I was determined to not let our sunny Sunday pass by without a getting outside. My vegetable and herb gardens have been beckoning and I am a little worried that my garden is going to be neglected as I realy must focus on getting through my final quarter of school. I spent a few hours cleaning up my raised herb bed this afternoon. It is just a 5 by 5 plot with a thriving clump of chives in each corner. I had planted some rosemary in the center which had wintered over fairly well, but it had taken over the space I resigned myself to the fact that it would have to be removed.

I did some research today and learned that Rosemary is not the best plant for raised beds- it does lend itself well to an aromatic hedge though, and the thought of having a hedge of rosemary just seems really cool.

Another great tidbit is that Rosemary freezes well. I had enough to fill two gallon size freezer bags. It tends to be a little stronger preserved this way.

A few other rosemary hints:
  • You can add a little rosemary to fruit salads and it will sweeten it up like sugar (I am intrigued)

  • My favorite homemade bread is rosemary and seasalt. 1 T per loaf should suffice.

  • Remove the leaves and use the spears for barbequing kebabs. The rosemary will impart a little flavor to the meat and vegetables as it grills.


creampuff said...

Considering we're in the midst of a snowstorm here in Toronto, I wish I was where you are!

Carol............. said...

You should see all my rosemary plants here in Arizona...they do VERY well here and are almost like aground cover (the trailing kind). I'll miss them although I do have one in Washigton it's nothing as monstrous as mine here!

Last week I threw some stalks in my bathwater and ooooh yummy smell!