Monday, May 11, 2009

May be the best meal in the worst cafe...

Over the last 13 years that I have been employed at the Boeing Company,I have had some really nice opportunities:
  • I got to land a 767 and then crash one in the flight simulator.
  • I got to listen to BonnieDunbar talk about her space shuttle experience
  • They paid forme to get both my undergrad and now my MBA.

Overall, Boeing is a good company to work for. I can only think of two negatives:

  1. Parking is horrible, and
  2. The food in the cafeteria really sucks.

About a year ago, I boycotted our company cafeteria. Being fairly frugal, my husband and I try to plan ahead and bring lunches from home. The cafeteria (or "food simulator" as it is affectionately known by my engineering team) is pretty expensive and the quality of the food they serve leaves a LOT to be desired.

Today was one of those days where we were rushed to get out the door,and while I had a good breakfast, our lunches were not packed. I was hoping to eat off site, but we carpooled and my husband was stuck in I resigned myself to lunch in the Boeing cafeteria; I figured that I could either make myself an $8 salad (healthy, but expensive) or a $2cheeseburger (cheap and fairly nasty)- I would probably regret both later, so I headed downstairs and get it over with.

Much to my surprise, chef Martin Yan was visiting today. (How could I ever have predicted that?) He was at the entrance of the cafeteria,displaying his knife skills for a crowd of hungry (and no less relieved)co-workers. A very good lunch was served for $8. I had orange chicken and a lettuce wrap with rice and a potsticker. I threw in a small cupcake, because I felt like celebrating my good fortune.

Couldn't snap a picture as cameras and picture taking are prohibitted within the Boeing site- you are just going to have to believe me really was Mr Yan, and the lunch was fabulous!


Chrissy said...

I remember watching his show in the old days and his food always impressed me as well as his knife skills... Glad u had an enjoyable lunch...

Lori said...

How cool is that. Talk about destiny!