Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keep It Simple Saturday: Chocolate and Bacon

You may think after reading this week’s simple Saturday combination, that I have taken things a bit too far this week. “Chocolate and Bacon?” you say, “what will they think of next?”

However, I am always willing to try new things. Even if they sound a bit strange, and especially if they include chocolate. This week I am highlighting Vosges Haute Chocolat “Mo’s Bacon Bar”

I first read about Vosges Haute Chocolat in 2006 while staying at the Four Season’s in Las Vegas (on one very luxurious and romantic weekend away with my man). I was sitting by the pool, reading the Four Seasons magazine (while sipping a fru fru drink and being misted with Evian by a very handsome pool boy) when I came across an article on Vosges. Being in a very pampered, very luxurious state of mind, I was immediately drawn to chocolat (with no e) and it seemed- at that moment - all that was really missing from my life might have been a good box of chocolats.

Vosges is not just chocolat…it is chocolat with exotic ingredients. Suffice to say, there are ingredients in this chocolat from all over the world that I had never even heard of. The gourmand in me was intrigued. I told Simon that all I really wanted for my birthday was a box of Vosges Haute Chocolat.

This is not inexpensive chocolat. The specific package that piqued my interest most was a fairly diverse assortment of about 20 candies…for $60 (plus shipping and handling).

It seemed a bit extravagant, and at the last minute I decided against it. (okay, secretly, I was hoping he would surprise me…but I recognize he is not a mind reader and he did get me a nice necklace that year)

So- fast forward 3 years to now. Simon and I like to shop at a store in Mill Creek called Central Market. This is a fabulous market that we reserve for special occasion shopping. It is easy to spend a lot of money there because they have so much good stuff. I end each visit at this store in the chocolate aisle, where I pick up several pieces of good quality chocolate. Always a few Fran’s macadamia nut gold bars and always something new.

You can imagine my delight to discover that Central Market now carries a small assortment of Vosges chocolat bars. These bars are .5 ounces and they cost $2.50 Still a bit pricey, but cheaper than a latte. (I find that I generally gauge my indulgences by whether or not they are more expensive than a coffee at Starbucks).

Mo’s Bacon Bar smells of chocolat and bacon. It contains applewood smoked bacon bits and alderwood smoked salt covered in deep luxurious milk chocolat. The flavor is better than you would expect. Salty and smokey and sweet. Very Interesting.
I shared the bar with my mother. She thought it tasted pretty good as well and expressed my sentiment exactly when she added “there really isn’t much that doesn’t taste good covered in chocolate…bacon…ants…yum”

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Jill said...

I haven't tried that combination yet--but salty and chocolate combos always seem to work. :)